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صدر ایردوعان کا اقوام متحدہ جنرل اسمبلی میں رنگ برنگے بینروں پر اعتراض، ہم جنس پرستی سے مشابہہ قرار دے دیا، معاملہ سیکرٹری جنرل کے سامنے اٹھانے کا عندیامغرب روس کو شکست دینے کے خبط میں مبتلا ہے، یہ ان کے خود کے لیے بھی خطرناک ہے: جنرل اسمبلی اجلاس میں سرگئی لاوروو کا خطاباروناچل پردیش: 3 کھلاڑی چین اور ہندوستان کے مابین متنازعہ علاقے کی سیاست کا نشانہ بن گئے، ایشیائی کھیلوں کے مقابلے میں شامل نہ ہو سکےایشیا میں امن و استحکام کے لیے چین کا ایک اور بڑا قدم: شام کے ساتھ تذویراتی تعلقات کا اعلانامریکی تاریخ کی سب سے بڑی خفیہ و حساس دستاویزات کی چوری: انوکھے طریقے پر ادارے سر پکڑ کر بیٹھ گئےیورپی کمیشن صدر نے دوسری جنگ عظیم میں جاپان پر جوہری حملے کا ذمہ دار روس کو قرار دے دیااگر خطے میں کوئی بھی ملک جوہری قوت بنتا ہے تو سعودیہ بھی مجبور ہو گا کہ جوہری ہتھیار حاصل کرے: محمد بن سلمانمغربی ممالک افریقہ کو غلاموں کی تجارت پر ہرجانہ ادا کریں: صدر گھانامغربی تہذیب دنیا میں اپنا اثر و رسوخ کھو چکی، زوال پتھر پہ لکیر ہے: امریکی ماہر سیاستعالمی قرضوں میں ریکارڈ اضافہ: دنیا، بنکوں اور مالیاتی اداروں کی 89 پدم روپے کی مقروض ہو گئی

‘Took your time Boris, where have you been?’ BoJo receives rollicking from no-nonsense Yorkshire flood victims (VIDEOS)

‘Took your time Boris, where have you been?’ BoJo receives rollicking from no-nonsense Yorkshire flood victims (VIDEOS)

British PM Boris Johnson probably wishes he had stayed indoors after coming under fire from a number of angry victims of severe floods in South Yorkshire during a walkabout to see how the recovery operation was progressing.

Johnson was paying a visit to Stainforth on Wednesday, one of the places that has suffered most from torrential rainfall that has seen much of South Yorkshire as well as communities in the East Midlands and Lincolnshire underwater over the last week.

The prime minister attempted to have a chat with one resident who was busily helping with recovery work, but received a wholly unwelcoming response.

I’m not very happy about talking to you, so if you don’t mind I’ll just mooch on with what I’m doing. Because you’ve not helped us… I don’t want you to meet us.


If Johnson thought that would be his only uncomfortable altercation with a member of the public, he was soon to be disappointed. Approaching other victims of the flood, one of them shouted: “Took your time, Boris.” While another said: “Where have you been?”

A rather sheepish Johnson insisted that his government had been “on it round the clock,” and asked if there was anything in particular they could do for them, to which the resident bluntly replied: “No, thank you.”


Finally, could the UK prime minister finish his walkabout of the area with no further embarrassments? Not quite. In a small community center where residents and volunteers had gathered, Johnson was seen shaking hands with a number of people before receiving a volley of harsh words from one disgruntled person.

Everyone’s living in poverty. The whole country’s a joke… Nobody gives a f**k. Sort it out.


Some 100 soldiers have been deployed to help shore up the region’s battered flood defenses. The prime minister chaired a meeting of the government emergency committee, Cobra, on Tuesday night, following pressure from Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to get a grip on the crisis.

Around 400 homes have been flooded and over 1,200 properties evacuated across areas of northern England in the past week, according to the Environment Agency.

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‘Took your time Boris, where have you been?’ BoJo receives rollicking from no-nonsense Yorkshire flood victims (VIDEOS)

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